The best player of the 30 NBA teams: Joe Zhankover is selected without any doubt, and Paul has two exclusive seats

As we all know, the NBA is divided into two regions, the east and the west. Each region has 15 teams, and each team has a history of decades. Some teams have even been established since the establishment of the NBA. Then the question comes, who will become the best player of the team? Recently, American media FW selected the best players of 30 teams, among which the Bulls, Cavaliers, Lakers and Spurs had no suspense. Jordan, James, Kobe Bryant and Duncan were elected respectively.

Of course, they deserve to be the best players in the history of the team. Jordan and James are the top two players in the history of the NBA. One is the first player in history, the other is the first player in active service. Kobe has also won five championships for the Lakers, and the spirit of “Black Mamba” has affected countless people. Although he is not the best player in the history of the Lakers, he is also qualified to be elected. Duncan is the founder of the Spurs dynasty. He has really been a man and a city. He has devoted 21 seasons to San Antonio.

First, let’s see who is selected from the remaining 13 teams in the East. The Celtic is Russell, the 11th champion. There is no dispute about this. He is not only the best in the Green Army, but also one of the top ten in the NBA history. The 76ers are Chamberlain, an ancient mythical beast. He once scored 100 points in a single game. The walker is Miller. He is an excellent three-point shooter in history. The Bucks are Kareem Abdul Jabbar. At present, the player who scored the most points in the NBA history, Heat is Wade. It is worth mentioning that he did not get the best treatment in the team history.

The Pistons are Thomas, the leader of the Bad Boys’ Guild, and the Raptors are Lori. He helped the team win the first championship in the history of the team and spent more than 10 seasons in Toronto. In addition, the Hornets are Walker, the Nets are Kidd, the Knicks are Reed, and the Magic is Howard. Personally, in the Eastern Conference, the Hornets are the most sour team. Walker can’t even play the first round in the Lone Ranger, and his ancestors are really poor.

Let’s look at the remaining 13 teams in the western region. The lone ranger is Nowitzki. There is no dispute about this. He not only won the first championship for the team, but also dedicated his life to Dallas. The Rockets are Olajuwon. He is the leader of the Rockets’ two consecutive championships. The Sun is Nash. He is a running and bombing tactician who changes the way the league plays. The Timberwolves are Garnett. He is one of the three strongest power forwards in the NBA, Although King has not been in the playoffs in 16 seasons, his ancestors are not poor. Robertson is one of them. His triple double number ranks second in history. The Jazz is Malone, a superhero without a championship ring, and the Warriors have no suspense. He is the third king Curry. In addition, Grizzlies is Pau Gasol, Pioneer is Walton, and Reho is Durant. It is worth mentioning that Pelican and Clippers are Paul, and he is the only star to be elected as the best player of the two teams.

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