In his New Year speech, he did not forget to provoke China, and the PLA sent him a special “New Year gift”… no regrets

Former title: The PLA sent a special “New Year gift” to Andian, who did not forget to provoke China in his New Year speech

According to Globo. com, Japanese Prime Minister Takeo Kisada said in his New Year’s speech on February 31, 2022 that the world is facing the most serious security environment since the end of World War II, including Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, the growing threat of nuclear weapons, and the disintegration of the international community. Kishida also said that this year Japan is not only the rotating presidency of the Group of Seven, but also a non permanent member of the Security Council. Japan will show “its strong desire to refuse to try to unilaterally change the status quo by force and to deal with the nuclear threat”.

Obviously, Kishida Wenxiong can be said to be a boiled duck – only his mouth is stiff. He cannot even say a good word in his New Year’s speech. He has not forgotten to use the Taiwan Strait issue to disgust China, nor has he forgotten to use the Ukraine issue to provoke Russia. In fact, the Japanese audience with a little sense can understand that Kishida is lying with his eyes open. After all, the real originator of the series of challenges described by Arita is the United States. Japan, as a vassal of the United States, is itself the main accomplice to this challenge.

Kishida wants Japan to use these titles to play a “significant role” in international and regional affairs next year. However, the problem is that Kishida did not check whether Japan was only a few pounds or two, and whether it was qualified to gossip on some important matters. Because today’s Japan has been torn apart in its disguise as a “peaceful country”. It is now just a pawn used by the United States to maintain hegemonism and suppress China and Russia. It is simply not enough to talk about the Taiwan Strait issue and the Russian Ukrainian conflict.

Obviously, despite his extravagant remarks in his New Year’s speech, what he did was quite different from what he said. The National Security Guarantee Strategy and its related documents adopted by the Kishida authorities in December last year aim to achieve the ambition of making Japan capable of waging aggressive wars by substantially increasing military expenditure and expanding its armaments crazily. In this regard, some analysts believe that this means that Japan’s post-war security concept and defense policy have undergone a major transition, completely abandoning the principle of “specialized defense” and completely deviating from the peace concept of the Japanese Constitution. Japan’s return to the path of a major military power and the further integration of the US and Japan’s military forces will pose new threats to regional peace and stability.

The US Japan linkage poses a new threat to regional peace and stability. China, as a major country in charge of the region, must not stand idly by. What’s more, the main target of the further integration of US and Japanese military forces is China. Therefore, on the evening of January 1, 2023, the “New Year’s greetings” sent by the Chinese side to Japan were delivered in a timely manner just after the New Year’s speech was delivered in Andian. According to Globo. com, on the evening of the 1st local time, the Ministry of Defense of Japan announced that a Chinese Wuzhen – 7 unmanned reconnaissance aircraft was found over Okinawa. The Japanese Self Defense Force took off the fighter plane in an emergency. The Ministry of Defense also claimed that this was the first time that this type of UAV was found in the airspace near Japan.

No wonder Japan is so nervous. It has sent fighter planes to track and monitor the approaching Chinese UAVs. Okinawa is not only the home of the US troops stationed in Japan, but also the front position of the Japanese Self Defense Forces and the US troops stationed in Japan to deal with China in an integrated way. It goes without saying that China’s UAV appears in the airspace near Okinawa. Especially at the moment when the United States and Japan are constantly deepening military cooperation and trying to get in touch with the situation in the Taiwan Strait, it is also inevitable that the approach reconnaissance of the Chinese UAV will touch the sensitive nerves of the Japanese Self Defense Forces.

What’s more, the PLA UAV-7 is a large long-range strategic UAV similar to the US MQ-4 “Global Hawk”. This unmanned machine has the characteristics of long range, long dead time and wide reconnaissance coverage. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense said that after staying in the airspace near Okinawa for a period of time, the Chinese UAV-7 also crossed the Gonggu Strait, flew from the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean, and then circled in the airspace south of Gonggu Island when turning back, and returned to the East China Sea through the Gonggu Strait. From these descriptions of the Japanese side, it can be seen that this Wudetective 7 is showing its excellent long-range strategic reconnaissance capability in front of the Japanese.

At the time when the Japanese government adopted the new security guarantee strategy to take Japan away from returning to the restoration of militarism, the Chinese side first launched the strategic reconnaissance UAV-7 to carry out the “overflight freedom” operation in the airspace around Japan as a “New Year gift” to the authorities of Kishida. This is enough to show that China has maintained high vigilance against Japan’s “deviant” military strategy. If the Rikuda authorities continue to go down the wrong path of undermining regional peace and stability, it is believed that more UAVs, more advanced than the Wudi – 7 reconnaissance aircraft, will appear in the airspace around Japan in the future.

Therefore, the spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense of China did not hesitate to respond to the Japanese media’s recent news that Chinese strategic UAVs appeared in the airspace near Japan: the Chinese military aircraft’s flight activities in the airspace of the Miyako Strait are legitimate and legitimate, and they will continue to organize such deep-sea training according to the needs of the situation and tasks in the future. The relevant parties need not make a fuss about it, but get used to it.Go back to Sohu to see more

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