James is the only substitute in his NBA career. What’s the story? Whole process dry goods

In the history of the NBA, there are not many players who start every game. Since James entered the NBA, he has always played as a starter. James has played for 20 seasons, only one game is not the starting game. Who is it to support? The only time James didn’t start a game in his career, today I will give you a detailed explanation of the reason for that game!

In the regular season of the 2007-08 season, Valejo and James were teammates at that time. His contract expired, and the Cavaliers were ready to renew it, but many teams were chasing him. So there was a contradiction between Valejo’s salary and the Cavaliers’ management. At that time, many fans felt that Valejo’s average score of 6.8 points+6.7 rebounds+0.9 blocks was not worth high salary. Therefore, when he played, many demanding fans booed him.

Although Valejo renewed his contract with the Cavaliers for three years and 17 million yuan, many Cavaliers’ fans booed Valejo. At that time, James was suspended for six games due to injury, and the Cavaliers lost six consecutive games. When James was ready to return to the game, in order to prevent Valejo from being booed by the fans, James communicated with the coach to let Valejo start the game and shut down, and he came on as a substitute.

On December 11, 2007, the Cavaliers played the only substitute game in James’s career against the Pacers. James scored 17 points+3 rebounds+5 assists in 23 minutes, and the Cavaliers ended their losing streak. At that time, media reporters were surprised that James did not start. During the interview after the game, James said: “I asked the coach to let me come on as a substitute, because that would prevent Valejo from playing alone, and the fans would not hiss him. I did this to help my teammates.”

As a result, that game became the only one in James’ career that was not the first game. It was the first time James came on as a substitute and the only time he came on as a substitute. In the games including James High School and the American Dream Team, James did not play the first game for the only time. I feel that James is really warm, and his popularity and character are very good!

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