Ronaldo has a special clause in his contract with the Saudi giants, which may make him continue to play in the Champions League. It’s crazy

The most sensational news after the Qatar World Cup was the victory of Ronaldo’s joining Saudi Arabia’s giants Al-Nassr FC. The 37 year old Portuguese superstar chose to leave Europe at the last stage of his career to find his last lucrative contract after his contract was terminated by Manchester United last November. A recent report from Spanish media Marca said that Ronaldo might return to the Champions League under unusual circumstances.

The Marca News claimed that Ronaldo has a special clause in his contract with Al-Nassr FC Victory. If Eddie Howe’s team can successfully advance to the Champions League next season, the Portuguese attacker can join Newcastle United on loan. From the current situation, Newcastle United, currently ranked third in the Premier League, is expected to participate in the Champions League next season at the end of this season.

Eddie Howe’s team has won 9, drawn 7 and lost 1 after 17 league matches, leading Tottenham Hotspur by 4 points. If Newcastle United can maintain its current advantage until the end of this season, then the new Premier League giants also owned by Saudi investors will have the opportunity to get Ronaldo, the five time Golden Globe winner, on loan. Obviously, to realize this potential transaction, Newcastle United needs to continue its efforts.

There is no doubt that Ronaldo is still eager to play in the world’s most prestigious games, and he wants to defend his record in the Champions League. The Portuguese superstar has kept many records in the Champions League, and his 140 goal record is likely to be surpassed by Messi. Now this record is only 12 goals short.

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