original Ronaldo blazed a new trail, surpassed Messim Bape, and became the first person in history. Will 30000 people worship him

Former title: Cristiano Ronaldo blazes a new trail, surpasses Messim Bape, becomes the first person in history, and will be worshiped by 30000 people

During the World Cup, it may be Ronaldo who is the most frustrated person. Such a superstar has become the only free player. Everyone in the worst team has his own team, but Ronaldo has no unit. In the end, he has become a substitute. He is still able to play. He wants to be practical and ambitious, but he is not allowed to play.

After the World Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo did not change his fate. He did not fall out with Manchester United. He wanted to play in the Champions League, but no one wanted him. However, it was Cristiano Ronaldo, or an inspiration. There was no way out. Why must he be hanged on a rope? In terms of honor, he could not match Messi. Even Ambabe, a young man, could not match him. But think about why he was kicking and kicking, money, really to play in the Champions League, You have to earn money to kick around. If you don’t have money, you can kick around.

Ronaldo has found a new way to contact the Saudi Tuhao team. No one wants it. It’s OK. We need it. Luo, this money can’t be less. Don’t worry, 200 million Euros a year, more than Messim Baptist put together, becoming the first person in history, and it is said that 30000 people will accept worship.

Think about how Messi can hold seven or even eight golden balls. He still has to run on the court every day. Ronaldo made 200 million while lying down. Finally, Ronaldo won. So no one can say who can win until the end.Go back to Sohu to see more

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