The first player to buy a private plane in NBA history! Did he expand directly? absolutely unexpected

NBA superstars usually buy all kinds of luxury cars, but they have never heard of NBA players buying airplanes, but McGrady does not believe in evil. In 2004, McGrady spent a huge sum of money to buy a white Falcon 2000 series jet, which cost about 20 million dollars. Many people said whether McGrady was crazy. NBA celebrities and major sports media all spurted McGrady and didn’t want to make progress.

In 2000, McGrady got a big contract. The total value of McGrady’s contract was 93 million dollars in seven years, which was signed by Magic (of course, it’s not a big contract in the NBA now). In 2004, McGrady’s salary was 50.57 million dollars, and in the next few years, he will have more than ten million dollars in income. It seems that McGrady’s salary for buying a private plane is surplus. So why did he buy the plane?

At that time, McGrady was at the peak. He had enough money to buy an airplane. McGrady had always liked luxury cars, and buying an airplane was already in the plan. According to McGrady’s agent, buying an airplane doesn’t hurt: “When we bought it, the price of the airplane was reduced, and we can also rent it when we have nothing to do.” Because McGrady always plays basketball with the team’s airplane, so his airplane is rented most of the time. I don’t know whether the rent can cover the maintenance cost!

In 2004, McGrady bought a private plane at his peak. In the 2003-04 season, McGrady averaged 28+6+5.5 points per game. In the 2004-05 season, McGrady averaged 25.2+6.2+5.7 per game. Therefore, McGrady did not stop playing because he bought a luxury car and airplane. Moreover, the “McGrady Moment” of 35 seconds and 13 minutes in McGrady’s career was also cut on December 9, 2004.

McGrady didn’t inflate because he bought a private plane. McGrady lost his peak because of injuries, which everyone knows. In fact, besides spending money, McGrady has also done a lot of charity. He has donated money to his alma mater for many times, visited African refugees and attended charity activities of the Red Cross for many times. Now McGrady is also doing more charity with his reputation. The more rare McGrady now has a happy family and a group of lovely children!

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