original Luo’s appearance ceremony, more than 100000 people bought tickets! Lose completely to Messi, fans: How can the nouveau riche be missed

Original title: Luo’s debut ceremony, more than 100000 people bought tickets! Lose completely to Messi, fans: the face of the nouveau riche

In the just concluded Qatar World Cup, Messi won the World Cup as he wished, becoming the biggest winner and establishing his status as the king of modern football. In contrast, Ronaldo, who has fought with Messi for more than ten years, is very lonely. Although his leading grape tooth has also ushered in the golden generation, he did not play a satisfactory role in the last World Cup of his career, Morocco was out early after losing the knockout match against the dark horse! After the World Cup ended, Ronaldo was unable to stay in the five leagues and finally signed a contract with the Saudi team Al-Nassr FC to officially join the Saudi League,On January 4, Beijing time, Al-Nassr FC will also hold a grand unveiling ceremony for Ronaldo at its home stadium, King’s University of Saudi Arabia. It is reported that more than 100000 fans want to buy tickets to witness the unveiling ceremony of the Portuguese striker. It can be seen that Ronaldo is still the most influential and charismatic star on the planet, but Georgina, who went to Saudi Arabia with Ronaldo, has become the target of many fans’ criticism for her show off, In terms of Yin’s internal support, Ronaldo’s defeat to Messi has become the consensus of many fans!

In order to persuade Ronaldo to join the Saudi League, the Al-Nassr FC provided a super contract that could not be refused to the Portuguese striker. According to the German media Bild, Ronaldo’s annual salary in Al-Nassr FC Victory was close to 200 million euros, which also enabled the president to surpass Mbape with an annual salary of 137 million euros and become the highest paid football player in the world football.

For a professional player, what he pursues is nothing more than success at the competitive and economic levels. This is also the reason why many fans still choose to bless him after Ronaldo leaves the five leagues and chooses to join the Saudi League. After all, Ronaldo has signed the last big contract of his player’s career, making himself rich.

But when Ronaldo went to Saudi Arabia by private plane, Georgina showed her pictures of wearing a famous watch, bag and diamond ring on her private plane on her social media, which made her recruit Ronaldo again, and Messi’s wife Antonella naturally became a target for fans to compare.

At the Qatar World Cup, Antonella has been quietly supporting Messi and Argentina in the audience. Although Mei Laoqi is one of the highest earning athletes in the sports world today, Antonella has always been wearing a fan version of Argentina’s away jersey, paired with simple jeans, leaving the impression of a good wife to the fans. In contrast, Georgina, who is also an Argentine, appears in the eyes of the fans, It’s always about showing off their wealth, which is why many fans, after seeing Georgina accompany Ronaldo to Saudi Arabia and never forget to expose their luxuries, have expressed that they are proper nouveau riche. They just want to print the nouveau riche three characters on their faces. From the perspective of ordinary fans, Antonella is more in line with the standards of Yin Nei fu than Georgina. This is also why many fans say that Messi has completely defeated Ronaldo in terms of Yin Nei fu!

Personally, I think there is a huge gap between Georgina and Antonella, which can not be separated from the influence of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. The impression of Cristiano Ronaldo’s entire career is that he will never admit defeat and is good at showing himself. In contrast, Messi is more introverted and low-key. As we have said in the old saying, it is not a family that does not enter one home!Go back to Sohu to see more

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