The photos of the NBA that we thought had been taken by Yao Ming, in fact, really exist

There are many P charts in the NBA, and many netizens are skilled. Sometimes we can’t tell the truth from the false. It is in this environment that we see many photos, and we really don’t know whether they are real or P pictures. In particular, many NBA stars are gifted, and their photos are exaggerated than those of ordinary people, which is more uncertain. For example, today’s photos, which look like P pictures, are actually real.


We all know that Sun Yue has been to the Lakers, but the guard line in the team is too crowded, and there is a god like Kobe Bryant. Sun Yue really has no playing time. Many people thought that Sun Yue was not in the Lakers, so no team wanted him. In fact, the Knicks almost signed with Sun Yue at that time, and took all the set makeup photos, but unfortunately, they were cut before the start of the game.


McGrady became famous when he was young. He is the first player in the NBA to own a private jet. He is really rich. When you see him endorsing an electric car brand in China, many people think it is a “P” figure. After all, he will not endorse such a popular product. In fact, this is also true. Even if McGrady doesn’t recognize such a grounded brand in his heart, but Party A gives him too much, he has no reason to refuse.


The white haired picture of Durant still scared many people at that time, because it was normal for NBA stars to be bald, but it was so white when they were just in their early 30s. It had never appeared in NBA history. At that time, Durant left the Thunder, which really made many fans sad. Therefore, some people thought that this was to revenge Durant’s spoof on P Chart. In fact, Durant just bowed his head and coincided with the white haired fans in the audience. Moreover, the photos are real, which is purely coincidental.


Everyone knows that people’s bodies will be magnified in water, which is basic knowledge. It is common for NBA stars to train in water, which can avoid the probability of secondary injury. Many people don’t believe that Yao Ming in the water will be so huge, but actually he is so exaggerated. Yao Ming’s skeleton is very big, and O’Neal seems to be a little bird beside him. The trainers on the side are more like dwarfs.


Finally, look at Manutepol. He is the highest height in the NBA at 2.31 meters, and his arm span is also the highest in history at 2.59 meters. This figure proportion must be the existence of “Spiderman”, and he is also a capping machine under the basket. His swimming photos in the water were also questioned by many people, who believed that he had been P’s. I am responsible to tell you that Boer’s figure in the water is so exaggerated, and he really looks like a “water monster”!


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