After arriving in Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo will have his “first show” of physical examination, or the time is delayed due to two games of suspension

On January 3, according to the Saudi Gazette news website, Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo (Ronaldo) arrived in Riyadh, Saudi capital, by private plane on the evening of the 2nd local time. Ronaldo will have a physical examination and make his debut at the welcoming ceremony on the 3rd. However, his “debut” after joining Al-Nassr FC has become a suspense.

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Luo flies to Riyadh by private plane (from Luo’s social platform account)

The Saudi Gazette reported that the time of the first match after Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr FC has not been finalized. Earlier, Ronaldo was suspended for two games for violating the rules of the Football Association of England. The FA said in a statement earlier that Cristiano Ronaldo had admitted his misconduct after the final whistle of the Premier League match between Manchester United and Everton in April 2022.

The suspension occurred before the termination of the contract between Ronaldo and Manchester United, which means that Ronaldo may not be able to participate in the two games held on January 5 and January 15, Beijing time. The first game after his joining is likely to be the game between Al-Nassr FC Victory and Immanu Yitifak on January 20, Beijing time.

The Al-Nassr FC official recently announced that the team has signed 37 year old Portuguese striker Ronaldo, who will wear No. 7 jersey until 2025. On the 2nd local time, Ronaldo had arrived in Riyadh. On the same day, he showed a video of taking a plane in the “photo wall” of the social platform, and said to the fans, “Hello everyone, I will see you soon.” (Li Meng,

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