NBA recommendation analysis: Knicks vs Suns NBA is full of dry goods

  NBA Recommendation Analysis]Knicks vs Sun04:00, January 3, 2023


The Knicks are also dealing with some back court injuries. R. J. Barrett, the third rookie in New York in 2019, will not be out until January 5 at least. In addition, Jaren Brunson, an indispensable free player for the Knicks during the offseason, was once again listed as a problematic player. However, if Barrett and Brenson are not here, we will have another opportunity to enter the player prop market. Now, the sample size here is much smaller, which is dangerous, but it also means that books do not have so much time to adjust. In the past two games, without these two best strikers, Julius Randall (not surprisingly) and Emmanuel Queckley did well. Randall is the number one scorer of the Knicks, so it’s not strange to see him shoot without the other two. But the average of 38.0 points, 11.5 rebounds and 6.5 assists in the past two games is impressive.


The Suns’ downturn is closely related to the games that Devon Booker missed in the past few weeks. Booker has missed 9 games of the Suns in the past 11 games (we will count the game in which he played for 4 minutes and then was injured due to absence), and the Suns’ record in these games is 2-7. However, when an important player like Booker leaves, it does have the opportunity to look for some player props when the book is adjusted. During the three weeks when Booker was just out of the game, Landry Shamet was the main beneficiary. In the past five games he played, Samet averaged more than 20.0 points per game, while Booker did not. He has scored more than 30 points in two games, in which he has scored 33 (!!!) 3-pointers in total. Considering that the Knicks have the third most three point shots in each game, I like to see Samet’s scoring or three point shooting rate on Monday.

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