James: I have made great sacrifices for the Lakers. I am the most selfless player in NBA history

LeBron James’ current situation in the Lakers is not particularly optimistic. Due to the problem of the lineup, the recent record is not very good. Now they are only ranked third from the bottom in the West. This situation makes James very sad and angry. He has repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with the team. At this time, A reporter from the Lakers said that James was too selfish and only considered his own interests, ignoring the future of the team.

In response to this question, LeBron James also made a powerful response in the interview, He said “I could attack every ball by myself, but for the sake of my teammates and the team, I would pass the ball to my teammates many times. I have made great sacrifices for the Lakers. In fact, since the first day I entered the NBA, I have made sacrifices and concessions. I may be the most selfless player in the history of the NBA. I always put the pass first, because I know that only in this way can I give play to the power of the team, I am one of the most team players. “

James has always been famous for his excellent passing when he first entered the league, and people have always regarded him as a magician type player. However, LeBron James’ total score is now about to become the top scorer in history, so many people underestimate James’ scoring ability. In fact, with the growth of age, James’ shooting has become more and more stable.

Whether James made sacrifices for the Lakers is also a matter of different opinions. James really put the pass first in the game. As long as his teammates can be in the right position, James will definitely pass the ball, which is also true.

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