Basketball NBA Recommendation Analysis: Lakers vs Hornets Wall Crack Recommendation

Today, we talked about the NBA game. At 08:00, 304, the Lakers vs. the Hornets are 10 – 27, ranking second to last in the East. The Hornets still focus on training, improving experience and heritage this season. Their efforts in recent games are still good. After Bauer’s comeback, he has scored more than 20+points in 10 consecutive games. Rosier, PJ Washington, Hayward, etc. also have some highlights. Tomorrow, they will fight against the Lakers at home for a double kill.

Hornets Lakers

At present, 15 – 21 is the 13th in the Western Conference. In the last NBA regular season, the Lakers were 5 points behind when they challenged the Hawks away. When the Lakers returned from the break, they came back with a maximum of 9 points behind. They sent out 17-4 offensives at many points to complete the counter offensive. After that, the Lakers kept a weak lead. At the decisive moment, James once again stood up to take 8 points to defend the victory against the pressure. Finally, the Lakers defeated the Hawks 130-121 away.

The last time the Lakers faced the Hornets, they had a chance to win, but Schroeder failed to kill three points. On the road trip tomorrow, the entire team of the Lakers should stick to defense, reduce errors, and improve the three-point shooting rate. The Lakers have suffered losses against the Hornets in the last three times. The former is not superior psychologically, and the Lakers’ road winning rate this season is only 35%, which is still in the stage of continuous travel, The physical strength of the players is hard to avoid being affected by the heavy traffic. The Lakers are still expected to win the game after visiting the Hornets today.

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