James tweeted and praised that Messi is the best in history! CRO doesn’t say anything! Recommended wall crack

James tweeted and praised that Messi is the best in history! CRO doesn’t say anything!

Recently, the final of the World Cup has officially ended. In the final of the World Cup, Argentina defeated the defending champion France with more outstanding performance and won the final victory. This was the first time Messi won the World Cup in his football career. He did not disappoint people’s hopes and led Argentina to defeat their opponents in the penalty shoot out. In the final, Messi himself played very well, so he also won the award of the best player in the final.

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Messi was also very excited to lead Argentina to the championship this time, and even jumped onto the table in the dressing room to celebrate crazily after the game. As one of Messi’s fans, NBA superstar James said that he watched the finals at home and did not miss any wonderful moment.

After Lionel Messi led Argentina to win the World Cup, James wrote a highly praised article on social media. In his tweet, James expressed his congratulations to Lionel Messi and claimed that Lionel Messi was the best in history. Many fans of Messi also expressed their thanks to James for being recognized by superstars in another field and proving Messi’s strength to the greatest extent.

Messi has indeed left a significant mark in the history of world football. Although he has been regarded as one of the champions of the new century before, his personal strength has not been recognized by the vast majority of fans and the media before he won the World Cup. Now Messi has no more stumbling blocks on the “road of immortality”, so Messi already deserves the title of the football king. After successfully helping Argentina win the World Cup, Messi also realized his long cherished dream.

In addition to James, many NBA stars expressed congratulations on Messi, such as the inner and outer core of the 76ers, Enbid and Harden. Of course, except for the NBA, most of the congratulations came from the football field. For example, Kaka, Neymar, Puyol, Fabregas and Roberto all sent congratulatory messages to Messi at the first time.

Luo, who was once in a good mood with Messi, seems too quiet at this time. Because Ronaldo’s performance in this World Cup is not as good as people think, and he is in the declining period of his career. Before that, he has even been criticized by many fans and the media. In this case, naturally, Ronaldo does not have much energy to congratulate Messi. What’s more, after Messi wins the World Cup, the gap between Ronaldo and Messi is bound to gradually widen, leading to more disheartened Ronaldo.

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