NBA live broadcast analysis: Warriors vs Eagles, forward-looking forecast, 2023 New Year’s first battle, wall crack recommendation

NBA Live Analysis: Warriors VS Hawks Forecasts the First Battle of the 2023 New Year

Team: Warriors vs Eagles

Time: 11:00, January 3

Game type: NBA league

After decisively refusing to reverse the pioneers, the Warriors won four consecutive victories in the days when Curry was injured. On Tuesday morning, the Warriors, who continued to enjoy the advantages of home court, faced the Hawks, which was the first game of the Warriors in 2023. In terms of the current staffing, the eagle is obviously more complete, while the warriors are “residual”. However, the defending champion has a better running in degree. The lack of soldiers, the major general, who has won a strong four consecutive victories, is enough to show everything. I’m afraid that the eagle’s desire to win this battle is frustrated.

According to the NBA analysis, the Warriors ranked the ninth in the western region after winning 19-18. In the past 16 home games, the Warriors achieved a record of 15-1, and beat the Trailblazers 118-112 in the last game, winning four consecutive games. As for the Hawk, it ranked the ninth in the east with a 17-19 loss. In the past 10 games, the Hawk averaged 118.1 points. The Hawk has won 4-1 against the Warriors in the past 5 games and won the upper hand. In the last game, it lost 121-130 to the Lakers and suffered three consecutive defeats. The NBA forecast, in addition, the Hawk’s away combat effectiveness is even worse. In the first 17 games of this season, only 6-11 were away, in sharp contrast to the Warriors’ home game, which is 16-2. Obviously, it is difficult for Trejan and Murray to capture the Chase Center Stadium.

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