First in the five data league, a record in NBA history! Enbid, I’m sorry, Harden can’t help you

The NBA regular season has been playing for more than two months, and the schedule is almost halfway. The ranking of several teams in the east who are aiming to win the championship is constantly rising. The Nets have even reached the second place in the east with 11 consecutive victories, and are eyeing the Celtics. The chaos in the western region this year has not been seen in the past ten years. There is a lack of leaders and teams with a winning rate of more than 70%. Naturally, Nuggets, with more balanced overall strength, ranked first in the western region. They have the strength to win 65%. There is a data that shows the problem. This season, there are only three teams in the league: the Celtics, Denver and the Nets. As the absolute core of Nuggets, Jokic naturally has a chance to hit three consecutive MVPs! First in the five data league, a record in NBA history! Enbid, I’m sorry. Harden can’t help you this time.

Who is the best center in the league’s small ball era? I believe everyone has his own answer. In fact, in my opinion, healthy Davis is very strong, but the problem is that he can’t keep healthy. In addition, Enbid, who often scores 40+or even 50+explosive points, such as Jokic, can be said to be one of the best centers in the league. Since Harden came to the team last season, Old Rivers has always insisted that Enbid is the absolute attack core of the 76ers, and Harden should first ensure that Enbid scores. This season, Enbid has achieved an average of 33.2 points, 9.8 rebounds and 4.6 assists per game, which seems to be very dominant. You should know that last season, Enbid also competed with Jokic for MVP, but Jokic won in the end. In this season, with this data and the ranking of 76 people, is there any chance for Enbid to win the MVP?

Start with Jokic. In the last game of Denver, the Nuggets totally defeated the first Celtics in the east. Jokic scored 10 out of 13, including 2 out of 2 3-pointers and 8 out of 8 free throws. He just got 30 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists in a triple double. No mistakes! According to Denver media statistics,This is the third time in the history of the NBA that a player has scored 30+triple doubles in a single game, and at the same time, the real hit rate is more than 90%! The player who has been able to do this twice before in NBA history is still Jokic. Jokic achieved this achievement for the third time, and no other player in NBA history has ever done it again!To put it another way, the real hit rate is the ability of players to grasp the chance of scoring. The penalty shot has a certain weight reduction, and naturally the three-point shot has a bonus. Look at other data of Jokic. This season, the average point is 25.7 points+10.9 rebounds+9.5 assists, all of which are in the top 20 of the league, and the advanced data is even more terrible!

The positive and negative value of Jokic this season is+8.4, ranking the first in the league and leading the league in a broken way! The gap between him and the second Tatum (+6.9) is equal to the gap between the second Tatum and the eleventh Adams! In addition, Jokic’s attack efficiency is 122.9, the first in the league! The positive and negative value of Jokic at the critical moment is+4.5, the first in the league! In addition, 26 double doubles+9 triple doubles this season are still the first in the league!In addition to these data, the Jokic round is 27th in the league and the game contribution value is 3rd in the league! Jokic’s real hit rate is the 11th in the league, and his assist rate is the 6th in the league! There is another data worth mentioning: Jokic’s victory contribution value is 9.01, ranking third in the league, and the first round with Dongqi and Tatum. The most intuitive comparison, Enbid only ranked ninth! Another data is the standard to measure the best center. Jokic’s shooting rate has reached more than 50% in 27 consecutive games this season, second only to Clarkston’s 28 games. What about Enbid? The overall shooting percentage is only 52.8%.

Jokic won’t fight, but the data won’t lie. The biggest difference between him and Enbid lies in that Jokic does not occupy the ball, connects teams, coordinates and organizes attacks, and also provides stable and efficient terminal data support. In the latest MVP list released by the league, Jokic has risen to the first place in the league, while Enbid only ranks sixth! What does Enbid really lack? In fact, the record of Denver and the 76ers will not have much impact on the final evaluation of MVP. The key is to sacrifice a lot of things for the so-called data, and the team also sacrificed a lot for this. To take the simplest example, Jokic, as the organizational center who delivers nearly 10 assists per game, has only 3.4 mistakes per game. Enbid’s goal is to meet the average score of 33 points per season, with 3.9 mistakes per game, ranking first in the league. In addition, Enbid’s rebounding rate has fallen to the 32nd in the league.

In fact, the 76 people playing mainly with Enbid are right, but there should be a certain degree. For example, what is the ratio between forcing teammates to pass the ball to themselves and creating shooting space for teammates after Enbid’s pick and roll; For example, how efficient is Enbid’s use of mid long jump shot after pick and roll; For example, Enbid’s crack method when facing the attack; For example, if you make a foul, if the referee doesn’t blow it in the playoffs, will he still fall to the ground? What Harden is doing now is Jokic’s work, ensuring Enbid’s scoring data, leading the team to ensure the lower limit, driving teammates, and finally, personal data. Only playing to the bottom can reflect players’ irreplaceable ability, while NBA players, given enough shooting times, the data will not be too bad.

As far as Enbid is concerned, his full pursuit of data cannot make him stand out in the MVP competition, because he is playing the role of blood sucking, which can not be changed by Harden’s full feeding. The regular data of Jokic is really not outstanding, but the high-level data and efficiency do not lie. The overall cohesion of the team and the performance on the court show everything. Therefore, the best way to compete in front of Enbid is to have the spirit of self sacrifice, which does not mean that his score will drop!I would like to conclude by saying that what is obtained without seeking is often obtained without seeking.


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