set out! Luo took a special plane to Saudi Arabia, accompanied by his 28 year old girlfriend, and revealed the secret of his famous diamond ring

On the last day of 2022, Saudi giants Al-Nassr FC Victory officially announced that 37 year old Ronaldo had joined the club. On January 2, Luo took his girlfriend Georgina and children to fly from Madrid to Riyadh by chartered plane, starting a new journey!

On January 2, Luo released his travel video on the social platform:

In this three second video, Ronaldo takes a chartered flight and greets the fans with a smile:Hi guys, see you soon.

It seems that Ronaldo is in a good mood. For Ronaldo, it is a big contract that can not be refused to go to Saudi Arabia League for retirement and earn 200 million dollars a year. Ronald, 37, is here tooretreat when sb. feels unable in doing sth.The age, change a mood, start a new journey, feel different life.

Along with Ronald, his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez also came. Georgina, 28, still has the same style: famous bags, watches, diamond rings, necklaces, and luxury goods that can be displayed are never hidden. Of course, Georgina is also “bringing goods” to promote her brand.

Ronaldo signed a two and a half year contract with Al-Nassr FC, which expires in the summer of 2025. As for his new journey, Ronaldo said: “I am full of expectation and excitement for this new experience. I want to join the team and achieve success with my teammates.”

Al-Nassr FC held a grand welcoming ceremony for Ronaldo. Marca revealed that on the second day of Al-Nassr FC, that is, this Tuesday, Ronaldo will officially appear as a player of Al-Nassr FC Victory in front of 30000 fans.

At 7:00 p.m. local time this Tuesday, Ronaldo will appear at the press conference to receive questions from reporters. After that, Al-Nassr FC will train in Mrsool Park, and Ronaldo will meet with team coach Rudy Garcia for the first time.

However, Ronaldo’s debut in Al-Nassr FC victory still needs to wait. During his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo was suspended by the FA for two games due to the incident of “throwing the cell phone of a small fan”. Although Ronaldo has left the Premier League, the punishment is still effective. On January 5 and 14, when Al-Nassr FC won two league matches, Ronaldo could only sit on the sidelines.

The joining of Ronaldo has created a great sensation. ESPN pointed out that before Ronaldo joined, the number of INS fans of Al-Nassr FC was only 860000;After Luo joined the club, the number of fans reached 6 million, and the number of fans increased by 5.1 million in just three days!Ronaldo’s jerseys are almost out of stock.

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