Looking forward to the NBA game: The Lakers will capture the Hornets and the 76 will revenge the Pelican! The Nets and Warriors continued to win in a row

On January 2, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued to be hot. Tomorrow’s league will welcome 11 groups of duels. The Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, Brooklyn Basketball Nets, Golden State Warriors, New Orleans Pelicans, Los Angeles Clippers and other giants will compete with each other.

Warriors, Nets and Lakers

Looking forward to the NBA game: The Lakers will capture the Hornets and the 76 will revenge the Pelican! The Nets and Warriors continued their winning streak!

The 76ers and the Lakers

Looking Forward to the NBA Game: The Lakers Strive to Catch the Hornets

Zijin will go to the away game to play against Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets are currently ranked second from the bottom in the east and second from the bottom in the league. In addition, the absence of Ubrey, Miles Bridges and Cody Martin further weakened the front line strength of the Hornets. This battle, Anthony Davis also continued to miss the battle due to injury.

Lakers vs Hornets

The Lakers have a slight advantage in the defensive line. Although Ramelobauer has recovered from injury, his attacking efficiency is still not ideal. However, Rosier’s performance at the scoring end also has great ups and downs. The guard line of the Lakers led by Russell Westbrook, Beverly and Dennis Schroeder is both offensive and defensive, and has excellent organizational ability. The Lakers, who have plenty of rotation in the back court, will have the upper hand against the Hornets.

Lakers Williams and Thomas Bryant

On the inside, the Lakers are in better shape. Thomas Bryant showed great fighting power after Brother Rouge was injured. Bryant has a strong finishing ability in the low post, and his outside line projection ability cannot be underestimated. Gabriel is a qualified rotation player of the fourth and fifth positions. The inner line group of the Hornets, with Mason Plumley as the core, could not suppress the Lakers’ firepower at both offensive and defensive ends.

The Lakers have a huge advantage in the front line. With LeBron James, Lonnie Walker, Brown and others as the core, the Lakers’ flank players have a strong combat effectiveness. However, the Hornets’ front line rotation is insufficient. Only relying on Gordon Hayward and others is not enough to fight against the strong front line group of the Lakers. LeBron James will achieve a strong rampage against the Hornets. LeBron James, who has continued his hot touch, will be powerful on the offensive side.

LeBron James of the Lakers

Zijin is expected to capture the Hornets under the leadership of LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Thomas Bryant.

NBA Game Outlook: 76 People Revenge Pelicans

The Philadelphia 76ers will play the New Orleans Pelicans at home again. In this game, Nance Jr. and Engels will continue to be absent due to injuries.

76ers vs Pelicans

On the defensive line, the 76ers have a slight advantage. James Harden continued his strong offensive performance, and he was as stable as ever in connecting teams. In addition, Maxi recovered after his injury. At the same time, Maxi’s playing time has begun to increase, and the chemical reaction between him and his teammates is becoming better.

On the other hand, in the Pelican guard line, CJ McCollum’s performance on the offensive side fluctuated greatly. The 76ers team, which has four main rotating guards, namely Harden, Maxi, Melton and Milton, is far more stable than their opponents.

James Harden to CJ McCullham

The Pelicans have a clear advantage in the front fight. The combination of Tobias Harris and PJ Tucker can hardly limit the impact of Zion Williamson. After all, Zion Williamson has top physical talent and ability to run and jump.

Tucker and Harris wrap Zion Williamson

In the internal competition, the 76ers have a huge advantage. Volanchuanas’ performance at both ends of attack and defense is relatively stable. However, the Pelican team mainly plays a small lineup, and the playing time of Varancunas is divided, and the playing time is limited. In contrast, the 76ers took Joel Enbird as the core of attack and defense. Enbid has averaged 33.2 points this season and is expected to hit the scoring king again. Enbid is unstoppable on the offensive end, and he is still one of the most outstanding inside players in the league. The 76ers at home are expected to show strong dominance in the restricted area under the outbreak of Enbid.

The 76ers and Pelicans had an inside match

The 76ers are expected to overturn the Pelican team at home and achieve revenge.

Looking Forward to NBA Games: Nets and Warriors Continue to Win Successively

The Brooklyn Basketball Nets will compete with the San Antonio Spurs at home. The Spurs are currently ranked second to last in the western region and have begun to rebuild completely. Brooklyn, on the other hand, has won 11 consecutive victories, ranking second in the East and second in the league. The Nets are gaining momentum, and Brooklyn is expected to welcome Joe Harris back from injury.

Basketball Nets Generals

Brooklyn is far better than the Spurs with many young players in the lineup and configuration. Although Wasserl, Kelden Johnson and Peltel have excellent fighting ability, the Spurs are short of stars. In addition, the Spurs also lack players who can make a final decision. At the same time, the performance of the Spurs at both ends of the offense and defense has become a fish belly.

The Nets team that aspires to win the championship has Kevin Durant, Kelly Owen and Ben Simmons as three stars. In addition, Cesc Curry, Madame Watanabe, TJ Warren, Clarkston, Royce O’Neill, and Paddy Mills are all outstanding fighters who can play their own roles. The depth of the Nets’ lineup determines that they can take the absolute advantage against the league’s weak teams.

Ben Simmons, Durant and Owen

Brooklyn is expected to win 12 consecutive victories under the outbreak of Durant and Owen.

The Golden State Warriors will play the Atlanta Hawks at home. In this game, Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Iguodala and Capella continued to be absent due to injuries. In the absence of Curry and Wiggins, the Warriors, who won four consecutive games, have raised their ranking to No. 9 in the western region. The Hawks, who lost three consecutive times, fell into a vicious circle of failure and were involved in the forefront of public opinion.

Warriors Curry and Wiggins

The Warriors have obvious advantages in the back line competition. The cooperation between Tereyang and Dezhang Tamori is both offensive and defensive. However, Trejan has a natural weakness at the defensive end. And Murray’s running in with the Hawks failed to reach their best. In addition, the Hawks’ distribution of ball rights has always had shortcomings.

The Warriors’ guard line, with Clay Thompson and Jordan Poole as the core, has strong offensive firepower. Clay Thompson is the top pitcher in the team, while Poole has excellent scoring ability. The Warriors’ guard line is expected to achieve strong violence against Atlanta.

Poole to Trejan

The two teams have their own advantages in the fight between the front line and the inside line. Capella’s lack of competition led to the lack of rotation in the Hawks’ interior. However, Ao Kongwu and others of the Eagles have great impact. Kevin Rooney and Drummond Green can play the role of the guard god of the forbidden area very well. In the front line competition, because both sides are short of star strikers, the flank competition between the two teams will not become the key to the game trend.

Warriors vs Eagles

The Golden State Warriors have one of the best home record in the league, which is their major advantage against the Hawks. The Warriors are expected to overturn the Hawks under the leadership of Clay Thompson and Poole, and hit 5 consecutive victories.


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