Here we go! C Luo Shai went to Riyadh by private plane. His wife Georgina went to the wall crack with him

In 2022, many great events took place in the world football, among which the news that Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr FC Victory at the end of 2022 also caused an “earthquake” in the football world. Cristiano Ronaldo was once the double pride in football together with Messi. He was also the winner of the Golden Globe Award for the fifth time, and was also known as the “King of the Champions League”. Although Ronaldo is 37 years old, he still has the confidence to play in the five major European leagues. However, he chose to come to Asia at the end of his career, which was a little surprising. It is reported that Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to the arrival of Ronaldo.

On January 2, 2023, Luo sent a short video via social media and announced that he would go to Riyadh. Luo also wrote in person: “Hello, everyone, see you later!” In the life chart released by Luo, the president was dressed casually, with an expensive diamond ring on his right hand and a famous watch on his left. At the same time, Ronaldo’s face is full of smiles and looks energetic. This time, he will follow the Al-Nassr FC to the Saudi League, and is even expected to compete with the Chinese Super League team in the Asian Championships.

According to the official news of Al-Nassr FC, on January 3, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. Saudi time, the team will hold a welcome ceremony for Ronaldo at the stadium of King’s University of Saudi Arabia. At that time, about 30000 people will attend the event, during which Ronaldo will also make a short speech on the spot. This time, Ronaldo’s joining has brought a lot of attention to the Al-Nassr FC victory, such as the number of fans soaring, Ronaldo’s identical jerseys “selling crazy”, and the fans are boiling… Needless to say, Ronaldo will bring great commercial value to the team, and also improve the strength.

At the same time, Georgina, Luo’s daughter-in-law, also showed the group pictures. It turned out that Georgina also flew to Saudi Arabia with Ronaldo on a private plane when Ronaldo went to Al-Nassr FC for victory. But Georgina also took the opportunity to show off a famous watch and bag. In this picture, Georgina is sitting alone in the luxury cabin of a private plane with a hat on her head. She looks a little fatter than before. At the same time, there is a famous brand bag on the table. In fact, Georgina’s bag drying is the key point, because it is a famous brand bag with high price.

In this picture, Georgina purposely raises her left hand and shows off the famous watch on her wrist. Georgina also wears two very expensive rings on her hands. Many fans also pointed out frankly that Georgina seemed afraid that she could not take pictures of these famous watches, bags and rings in every picture. At the same time, people think that Georgina’s body has also changed significantly. Some fans even think that Ronaldo is moving towards Harden. Of course, these teasing may be a bit excessive, but it can be seen that Georgina is showing her famous watch and bag.

It is worth mentioning that even if Ronaldo can arrive in Saudi Arabia on time, he cannot play on behalf of Al-Nassr FC immediately. It is understood that Ronaldo will also be punished by the FA when he is transferred to the Saudi League, so he will be absent from at least two games. In other words, Ronaldo’s debut in the Saudi League will be postponed by two games. It is worth mentioning that the arrival of Ronaldo will bring great commercial value to the victory of Al-Nassr FC, as well as the attention of Superheat, and even the team may win the Asian Championship.

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