Sign Ronaldo to chase Ramos, and Saudi giants build “battleships”. Is it too late for Paris to learn

Because of the “unexpected” joining of Ronaldo, the victory of Al-Nassr FC, the Saudi giants, became the biggest focus in football overnight, and the team rose from a well-known team in Asia to a popular team in football. Just because Ronaldo announced his joining, the fans of the team jumped by more than 4 million in an instant, so that the outside world can fully see what a superstar is. Although it is necessary to offer a sky high annual salary to Ronaldo, in fact, most of them are endorsements and sponsorship. Even in terms of salary, the influence and business value brought by Ronaldo are far enough to pay.

For the Al-Nassr FC, this transaction is definitely a profitable “deal”. After all, Ronaldo can improve the influence of the team, and the height achieved is absolutely unimaginable, which obviously has achieved the most desired goal. However, according to the relevant media, the signing of Ronaldo is just the beginning of the team’s ambition, because the goal of the team is not just that. The team wants to build an Asian version of the “Galactic Warship” with great strength, and Ronaldo, as the former “captain”, is undoubtedly the most suitable leader.

It is reported that after signing Ronaldo, the next target of Al-Nassr FC’s victory is Real Madrid players, and he is also the best teammate of Ronaldo and former Real Madrid captain Ramos. Although he is now 36 years old, he is one year younger than Ronaldo, and Ramos has absolute strength to stand in the top European league. However, the big Paris that he currently works for does not want to offer Ramos a contract extension, which means Ramos should reconsider his future.

This situation undoubtedly left an opportunity for Al-Nassr FC to win, and could take the opportunity to bring it to Asia and meet with his former good partner Ronaldo again. If Ramos chooses to win in Al-Nassr FC, there is no need to think too much about salary. He will definitely offer more than other European teams. Although he will not get the sky high annual salary like Cristiano Ronaldo, it is enough for Ramos to face the “gap” with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Although Ronaldo’s salary was exposed to be around 200 million euros, the vast majority of them were endorsements and sponsorships, and the pure salary income accounted for about 40%. Although this has reached 80 million euros, far more than Messi, Mbape, etc., I believe that this is just a drop in the bucket for Saudi giants. After all, the significance of getting Cristiano Ronaldo is definitely not measured by money alone. From the perspective of the far-reaching impact on the team, the money spent is absolutely worth it.

For Ramos, it is certainly not as good as the annual salary obtained by Ronaldo, and there may even be a big gap between them, but it will certainly be higher than the current big Paris contract, and it is likely to get a pension contract of two years or more, which will undoubtedly be a great temptation for Ramos. After all, can Ramos ask for more at this age? If Al-Nassr FC, Ramos can not only get the biggest contract at the end of his career, but also reunite with his former teammate Ronaldo. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Moreover, Ramos, who has retired from the national team, does not have to think too much about his future.

On the other hand, for Greater Paris, if we really let Ramos go, we will probably regret it. After all, Ramos’s strength is still there. Although he is old, he has enough strength to become the main force of the team, and the competition experience is also crucial for the team. And since joining Greater Paris, although he has been affected by injuries and has been questioned by many, Ramos has kept a record of the team after recovering from injuries, that is, Greater Paris has never lost in the 31 games he has participated in, which has obviously become the strongest “mascot” of the team. Of course, big Paris also considers the problems of age and injuries, but if we really want to let Ramos go, we may be difficult to choose a player with the same cost performance to replace him.

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