NBA Western Ranking: Nuggets are ahead of the rest, Grizzlies are ahead of Pelicans, and the 19th two men are struggling for the second place

The 2022-2023 NBA regular season is in a fierce and intense process. After the three closely watched games in the east and west on January 2, new changes have taken place in the western ranking: Nuggets beat Celtics, dominating the western ranking; The grizzly bear defeated the king, and its record was tied with the pelican again. The 19 males and the 19 females fought hard for the second place.

1. No. 1-7 in the Western Ranking List: Today, Nuggets defeated the Celtics, the first in the league, 123-111. In the first battle between the East and the West, Jokic won a triple double 30+12+12 again, 55 points of which were Tatum 25+7+6, Brown 30+8+3. After the game, Nuggets were 24-12, one game behind Grizzlies and Pelicans, and dominated the Western Conference. Grizzlies beat Kings 118-108, Hitti won 3 consecutive games, Morant 35+8+5, Adams 11 points and 23 rebounds. After the game, Grizzlies had the same record as Pelicans, ranking second in the western region and Pelicans third. 6 consecutive wins The Lone Ranger is 0.5 game difference ahead of the Clippers, ranking 4-5. After the Kings lost to the Grizzlies, the difference of victory was the same as that of the Suns, ranking 6-7 in the west.

2. No. 8-15 in the western ranking list: Trailblazers, Warriors and Jazz have similar achievements, ranking No. 8-10 in the western region. It is not easy for the defending champion Warriors to win four consecutive victories without Curry and Wiggins; The Blazers and Jazz were once the top two in the Western Conference, but they fell to such a position. The Timberwolves double tower lineup, unable to honor the team’s talent, suffered 6 consecutive defeats; Thunder is a fish belly team, but Alexander, the leading player, is rising; The Lakers have received much attention, but are more questioned. It is difficult to predict the final ranking. Let’s wait and see. The Rockets and Spurs do not need to consider the playoffs. The goal is very clear, that is, to sign the No. 1 player next year.

After today’s three games, Grizzlies and Pelicans drew again, becoming the 2nd to 3rd place in the western region. Both Morant and Zion have become more mature this season. Both the team’s performance and personal data rank at the top of the league. The 19 male and female players really deserve their reputation. In the next ranking battle, let’s wait and see who will win the grizzly bear or pelican.

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