The richest player in the world is not Ronaldo, who lost miserably to the 24-year-old? original

Portuguese football superstar Ronaldo, 37, recently announced that he has officially joined Saudi Arabia league team Anas. The two sides signed a contract with an annual salary of about 200 million euros, which will be signed all the way to 2025. Foreign media described Ronaldo’s new contract as “the most profitable contract in history”, but in fact, there is someone else who is “the richest football player” in the world.

The 24-year-old “Prince of Brunei” Faikpaochia is a football player and a full-time midfielder. He used to be a member of the Brunei national team and a captain. Baoqiya has played for Southampton, Chelsea, Leicester City and other teams in the youth training period. He has rich qualifications. He currently plays for Chunburi Football Club in Thailand, with the number 11 on his back. In fact, his family background is more wonderful than his football qualifications. Baukia’s father is Prince Jeffrey of Brunei, and his uncle is Hassanaar, the “Sultan” (ruler of Islamic countries) of Brunei. As the Brunei royal family has accumulated huge wealth through oil, it can be said that it is the richest royal family in the world. Baukia’s father also runs a Brunei investment company, which is said to have invested more than 10 billion pounds in the past 16 years. It is said that Bao Qiya’s father, Prince Jeffrey, also owns more than 2300 cars, and spends more than NT $100 million every month on cars and jewelry. His life is quite luxurious.

Born in Los Angeles, the United States, and grew up in Britain, Baukia, with a prominent family background, has entered the football world since his childhood because he liked playing football. Baoqiya made his career debut in 2016. In 2021, he gave up his dream of playing in the English Premier League and moved to Chunburi Football Club of the Thai Premier League, where he has played so far. Due to his royal background, the British Mirror once reported that Baoqiya, unlike Ronaldo, did not accumulate wealth by his efforts on the court, but he was still the “richest football player in the world”, with an estimated net worth of 20 billion US dollars.

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