The NBA will have five big games tomorrow! CCTV5 broadcast the Beijing Derby, and Guangdong fought Tianjin again to win 13 consecutive victories! Don’t look regretful

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On January 4, 2023 (Beijing Time), the 22nd round of the CBA regular season will usher in five wonderful matches. Next, let’s look forward to each match.

Guangdong Tianjin

The morale of Guangdong’s members, who won 12 consecutive victories in a row, is high. In the face of Tianjin, which is ranked lower, the suspense will not be too great. At that time, it depends on their team’s feel. If the shooting percentage is high, they may play back and forth. But if Guangdong seizes the opportunity to attack and prevent mistakes, it will basically open the gap and take away the game. At that time, it is almost hopeless to reverse the game.

Sichuan Jilin

Sichuan’s advantage is mainly that the inside line Hadadi plays a restraining role. Most of the time, he holds the ball in the low position to look for opportunities, but defense is not their team’s strength. This is good news for Jilin. Those who are good at shooting can pose a great threat in the outside line. Hadadi often can’t defend and needs the help of his teammates. Then there will be a lot of gaps. As long as the shooting is open, they can win.

Zhejiang Tongxi

The two teams with the same young domestic players will face each other in the youth storm. Although Tongxi has not achieved good results in recent years, they have played very well against the stronger teams in Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin and Guangdong in succession, which is just one move short of chess at the critical moment. Zhejiang won a big victory against them last time. Both the internal and external shooting rate were quite high. This time, let’s see if the opponents can bring pressure to the team on the defensive side.

Beijing – Beikong

There is no doubt that the Beijing Derby has attracted the attention of the fans. Of course, CCTV5 will also broadcast the focus of the match. The recent achievements of the two teams are very different. Northern Control suffered five consecutive defeats and was unable to recover. Marbury temporarily left his position as head coach. In the face of the Derby, see if it can stimulate their morale to return to the right track. Beijing Shougang is more resilient than Beijing Shougang, but it won by two points against Sichuan and Tianjin successively, which shows that the team still has some problems, especially the serious stagnation of attack.

Liaoning Fujian

Liaoning is undoubtedly determined to win this game. The last time he fought, he won a 51 point victory. Fu Hao could not defend himself by slashing 50 points and 18 rebounds. At that time, both teams were short of personnel. Fujian, in particular, was basically a team that rotated behind, and had no ability to fight back. Let’s see if they can withstand Liaoning’s attack again.

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