Too bold, seat B burst into the World Cup! The spearhead is directed at Ronaldo. Fans: out of the game, Ronaldo needs to be full of dry goods

Portugal’s exit from the World Cup was indeed a disappointing result. After all, they played against the weakest Morocco in the last eight. It is believed that Portugal can easily win its opponents and enter the last four after a big victory over Sweden.


However, the result of the game was quite cruel. Portugal lost the game 0-1, and Ronaldo’s last World Cup trip ended helplessly. During the World Cup, a large number of media exposed that there was something unpleasant between Ronaldo and coach Santos. However, after all, the news report cannot be confirmed as true, but seat B is too bold at present. In the interview, he actually exposed the inside information during the Portugal World Cup.


Seat B was asked about a quarrel between Ronaldo and Santos when he was replaced on the bench in the match against South Korea. Seat B replied: “Christina really has a problem with the coach. I think this may have affected the team. But I don’t know what they said specifically. I guess they had communication. This has affected their relationship. Of course, we will talk and communicate. But don’t pretend that nothing has happened. A player is depressed because he didn’t play, or he has a dispute with the coach. He will be back the next day It is very common to regret and apologize on the football field.


President B’s words can be described as a real blow to the contradiction between Ronaldo and Santos, pointing the blame for the poor internal atmosphere in Portugal during the World Cup against Ronaldo. It also proves why Ronaldo did not send any blessing words after Santos class. You know, they have been working together for 8 years. Fans also roast: “Portugal is out, Ronaldo wants to take the blame. His farce with Manchester United and Santos has really affected the atmosphere of the team”.

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