Today’s NBA: The American media suggested that Shumei replace Aton, the All Star Forecast is out, and Wiggins can continue to be absent

Hello, friends who follow the NBA! Today, the league has arranged three games, of which the top battle between the Green Army and Nuggets is the most concerned. Jokic scored 30 points, 12 rebounds, and 12 assists. Tatum and Brown scored 55 points, 15 rebounds, and 9 assists. The Nuggets beat the Greens. Kuzma got the triple double data of 10 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assists, and the Wizards beat the Bucks without the three giants. Morant scored 35 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, and Grizzlies beat Kings in double doubles. Now let’s take a look at today’s war situation and the latest ranking:

1、 Today’s war situation

Wizards 118-95 Bucks, Kings 108-118 Grizzlies, Greens 111-123 Nuggets.

2、 Today’s data

1、Kuzma got 10 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists, and scored three doubles for the second time in his career

2、Eight Village Baseball has scored 20 points in the three quarters of the match, and 20 points in three of the past five matches+

3、Jokic scored 30 points, 12 rebounds, 12 assists and three doubles

4、Adams has grabbed 61 rebounds in the last three games

5、Wizards have won five consecutive victories, equaling their longest winning streak in the past two seasons

6、Adams got at least 10 points and 20 rebounds back to back, the first player of the Grizzlies.

7、Adams became the fourth player to score 10+20 in a single game for many times this season.

8、Morant’s 30+5+5 games have reached 27, ranking first in the team’s history.

3、 Latest ranking

1. 1st to 6th place in the east: the Green Army is 26-11, the Nets is 24-12, the Bucks are 23-13, the Cavaliers are 23-14, the 76ers are 21-14, and the Pacers are 20-17.

East 7-10: Heat 19-18, Knicks 19-18, Hawks 17-19, Wizards 17-21.

Eastern 11-15: Bulls 16-20, Raptors 16-20, Magic 13-24, Hornets 10-27, Pistons 10-29.

2. No. 1-6 in the West: Nuggets 24-12, Pelicans 23-13, Grizzlies 23-13, Lone Rangers 21-16, Kings 19-16, Clippers 21-17.

The 7th to 10th place in the western region: Suns 20-17, Trailblazers 18-17, Warriors 19-18, Jazz 19-20.

No. 11-15 in the Western Conference: Minnesota 16-21, Thunder 15-21, Lakers 15-21, San Antonio 12-24, Rockets 10-26.

4、 Hot News

1. Butler completes meeting with experts

It is reported that Butler got good news after meeting with experts. Butler went to Los Angeles yesterday to meet with the doctor there to check the condition of his right knee. Butler hopes to get the doctor’s permission to prove that his right knee pain does not need to continue load management, so that he can play back-to-back games.

2、The coyote wants to keep Gobel for a long time

It is reported that since the team hired Connery, every conversation between him and the Wolves insiders has concluded that the Wolves are still committed to keeping Finch and Gobel for a long time.

3. Malone: Not giving Jokic MVP is lazy

Malone said that if there is any reason why people do not give Jokic MVP, it is that he has been two times in a row. This is a manifestation of lazy politics.

4. Little Payton will be back

According to Shams Charania, Peyton Jr. will make his season debut against Pistons.

5. Media forecast Eastern All Star

The data media NBA University looks forward to the all-star lineup this season. According to the media, the players in the East who have locked the All Star seats are as follows:

Letters Brother, Durant, Enbid, Tatum, Mitchell, Brown, Siakam, Blow Young. The media wrote: That is to say, other Eastern players will compete for four All Star seats. Who would you choose?

6. Jokic: There are many ways to affect the game

Jokic said that I would not try to score as hard as I used to. Now Murray is back, and Gordon and Porter can score. We are a new team. Compared with the previous two years, my playing style will be different this year, but my performance will not be discounted.

The best players usually shoot the most shots. For me, I just do a good job of reading games. Sometimes I can get more than 40 points, sometimes I can’t even get more than 10 points. I want to prove to the outside world that scoring is not the most important thing on the court. I can use many methods to influence the game.

7. Tomorrow’s Warriors 6 Absent

The Warriors will host the Hawks at 11:00 tomorrow. Warriors officially released the injury report for tomorrow’s game. Wiseman (sprained left ankle), Michael Green (inflamed right calf), Cumminga (sprained right foot), Wiggins (not COVID-19 disease), Curry (left shoulder subluxation), Igdala (left hip injury management) will be absent from the game.

8. Jokic does not recognize the remarks made by Kedoncichi

Dongqi once said in an interview that scoring in the NBA is much easier than in the European League. Jokic said that it might be easier for him, because he is a backcourt player, while I wrestle with my opponent in the interior every day. Europe does not defend for three seconds, which can greatly limit the team’s attack. Europe’s three-point line is also closer, so there is less room for players to operate.

I even made a special comparison. European basketball is like locking 10 rams in a barn. Because the space is small, 10 rams will always collide with each other. So playing European basketball is a bit strange for me, but I can quickly adapt.

9. The American media suggested that Shumei change to Aton

The Score, an American media, proposed a transaction plan between the Lakers and the Suns:

The Suns got a big eyebrow, and the Lakers got Aton, the first round signing in 2025, the first round signing swap right in 2026, and the first round signing in 2027.

10. The media predicts the Western All Star

The data media NBA University looks forward to the all-star lineup this season. According to the media, the players in the western region who have locked the All Star seats are as follows:

Dongqi, Jokic, Curry, James, Alexander, Lillard, Booker, Morant, Panghu, and Shumei. The media wrote: That is to say, other Eastern players will compete for two All Star seats. Who would you choose?

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