great! Ferdinand’s support for Ronaldo ignited controversy: Messimu Bape was very surprised, and the fans cursed unexpectedly

On January 2, Beijing time, the latest news came from the European League. A few days ago, Ferdinand, a famous Manchester United player, talked about Ronaldo’s joining Al-Nassr FC Victory on the Vibe with FIVE podcast. He said Ronaldo deserved to play in a lower level league with a generous salary, and this support for Ronaldo also caused great controversy and discussion.

Ferdinand said: “It’s great to see Beckham, Lampard, Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard go to the United States. It’s a great way to end your career with a good salary,

They deserve to go to a league where the competition is not so fierce. They have won the right. This is what I saw in the media. But because this is Saudi Arabia, it has become a sad and shameful thing. “

It can be seen from Ferdinand’s statement that he thinks that there is no problem for Ronaldo to play in the Saudi League, and clearly points out that it is appropriate to get a high salary. Although Ferdinand did not say too much, he thinks that Ronaldo deserves a high salary, which not only surprised Messimu Bape, but also attracted a lot of abuse from many fans.

Some fans said, “When Messi joined Paris, it was said that he played health football for the elderly. How could he join Saudi Arabia?” Another fan said, “The key is the way he walks. Where he is unhappy, he lifts the lever and contradicts the management! If he does not do this, he will not be Ronaldo!”

Of course, some fans said: “If Messi took the initiative to provide for the elderly, there would be no one to spray except Luo fans. This year, Ronaldo resented the sky and the earth, his teammates and the coach and the fans for their disrespect. In addition, Morgan’s interview and his previous interview were all his own satire on the Saudi gold rush. As a result, he went there himself. It was a clear slap on his face.”

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