NBA Morning Post: The Lakers ranked 23rd in the strength list, and Dongqi won the best of the week in a row. It’s too crazy for him to play

Hello, friends who follow the NBA! Today, the league has arranged 11 games, including the Lakers, the Nets and the Warriors. Although the Warriors Wiggins and Curry continue to be absent, they have the first home record in the league and are expected to defeat the Hawks. The Lakers played against the Hornets away. James is in excellent condition recently, but the Hornets are not in good condition recently. It is expected that the Lakers can win. The Nets, who have won 11 consecutive games, probably won 12 consecutive games against the Spurs, who are determined to win in Wenbanyama. Before enjoying the wonderful game, let’s see what off court news is worth paying attention to:

1、Enbid will play today

It is reported that Enbid will fight today. Before that, because of back pain, Enbid’s game status was listed as doubtful.

2. Sexton was absent for a week

It is reported that Sexton did not participate in the team training today. He feels that his current hamstring condition is different from that when he was not injured. He will be absent for at least one week.

3、Bobo is the first to fight

When talking about the 11 consecutive wins of the Nets, Popovich said, “I don’t have any new way to stop them. Don’t tell them, because I should have thought about the way.”.

4. Buck Injury Report

The Bucks officially updated the team’s injury report. In addition to the absence of Middleton, the letter brother (sore left knee), Hill (disease) and Hollady (disease) have been upgraded to a probable rate.

5、Sibodu: Rose is absent due to injury

The Knicks beat the Suns 102-83 in the game, and Ross did not play. Sibodu revealed that Ross was hit by his knee in the game with the Rockets and suddenly broke out before today’s game, which is why he missed the game.

6. Walker is absent today

It is reported that Walker will miss today’s game against the Hornets due to his coccyx bruise.

7. Warriors’ home and away venues are very different

The media showed the home and away performance data of a group of Warriors on Twitter this season, as shown in the figure:

The Warriors have won 16-2 at home this season, while they have dropped to 3-16 away from home.

The media commented: The difference between the Warriors’ home and away performances is too crazy.

8、Drozan was fouled in both final attempts

According to the official L2M report of Legion Hoops statistics, there were two times during this season that Drozan was fouled in his attempt to take the winning shot and did not get a call.

9、Player of the Week Announcement

The league officially announced the best players in the east and west last week, which were elected by Borzingis and Doncic respectively.

Pol Zinnis led the Wizards to a 4-0 record last week, averaging 24.5 points, 8.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.

Dongqi led the lone ranger to a 3-0 record last week, averaging 48.7 points, 13.0 rebounds and 10.7 assists per game.

This is the second consecutive week that Dongqi was elected the best player of the Western Week.

10、Official battle force list released

The official website of NBA released the team’s battle strength list in the 12th week, with the specific ranking as follows:

1 – 5: Nuggets, Celtics, Nets, Grizzlies, Pelicans

6 – 10: Knight, 76, Buck, King, Lone Ranger

1 1-15: Clippers, Sun, Walkers, Warriors, Pioneers

1 6-20: Jazz, Knicks, Heat, Raptors, Eagles

2 1-25: Wizards, Bulls,Lakers, Timberwolves, Thunder

2 6-30: Magic, Spurs, Hornets, Pistons, Rockets

11、Candidates for the Top Ten Best Sixth Person Award

A gambling website lists the top ten candidates for the sixth man award this season: Lakers Williams, Warrior Poole, Green Army Brogden, Clipper Powell, Walker Maselin, Lone Ranger Wood, King Monk, Buck Portis, Eagle Bogdanovic, and Nuggets Highland.

12、Small cards become suspicious

At 11:30 today, the Clippers will meet the Heat at home. The Clippers official announced that the injury situation of Calgary was downgraded to be doubtful today, and he himself was troubled by non COVID-19 injuries.

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