Big reversal! It is revealed that Ronaldo can return to the Premier League and play in the Champions League: 140 ball record or continuation, has Messi learned from it

Ronaldo has arrived at the Al-Nassr FC and is about to appear in a new team in the Asian football world, which seems to mean that Ronaldo has left the Champions League. However, the Spanish media Marca revealed that there is a special clause in Ronaldo’s contract, that is, during the Al-Nassr FC Victory, Ronaldo can also join Newcastle in the Premier League on loan and play in the Champions League. It can be seen that Ronaldo’s record in the Champions League may not have ended abruptly.

Ronaldo has just joined the Saudi team, and his new contract expires in 2025. It is reported that after the contract expires, he can also serve as an ambassador in Al-Nassr FC Victory. It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo has left the European arena, and the king of the Champions League can no longer appear on the highest level stage in Europe. His scoring record in the Champions League may be surpassed by Messi.

At present, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 140 goals in the Champions League, which is the best shooter in the history of this event. However, Messi may catch up with the Portuguese star. At present, the number of goals scored by the Argentine star in the Champions League is 129. That is to say, if Cristiano Ronaldo does not return to the Champions League, Messi only needs to score 12 goals to surpass Cristiano Ronaldo.

However, the latest statement is that Ronaldo can still participate in the Champions League because there is a special clause in his contract with Al-Nassr FC. If Newcastle wins the Champions League qualification in the 2023-24 season, Ronaldo can join Newcastle on loan in order to re appear in the Champions League. The reason why there is little hindrance is that Newcastle is a club owned by Saudi public investment funds.

With regard to the news that Ronaldo can join Newcastle on loan, further confirmation is needed, because reporter Phyllis Diaz revealed that Ronaldo’s contract does not contain any terms for joining Newcastle on loan. Therefore, we cannot fully believe what the Maka newspaper said.

In fact, Ronaldo has left Europe. If he leaves Al-Nassr FC to win, even if it is just a loan, Saudi fans may not be happy. After all, they want Ronaldo to play for their team.

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