Ronaldo is suspended for not playing a game! The debut will be postponed for another 2 weeks? Smash fans’ mobile phones, leave bad results and share dry goods

On January 2, Beijing time, Ronaldo had just signed a contract with the new club Al-Nassr FC, but he was hit by a thunderbolt. If he didn’t play, he would be suspended.

It was not easy to sign a contract with an annual salary of 200 million and a signing fee of 100 million. Ronaldo was going to take off completely, but now there is a bad news. Ronaldo’s debut will continue to be postponed, because he still has the ticket of being severely suspended for two games in the Premier League.

Ronaldo’s ticket came from November 23, two months ago. At that time, 40 days ago, the British Football Association released an official message that Ronaldo would be fined 50000 pounds and suspended for two games for smashing fans’ mobile phones. Whether Ronaldo changes teams or stays in the Premier League or abroad, his suspension will always be in effect.

This means that Al-Nassr FC will be absent from the next two matches between January 5 and January 15. It is possible that Ronaldo will not make his debut until January 20. The date of Ronaldo’s debut in West Asia has been postponed for another two weeks.

It was the FA that issued the suspension notice to Ronaldo, but according to the rules of FIFA, it can be said that the two largest football institutions in the world jointly suspended Ronaldo. After the Football Association announced the suspension of Ronaldo, FIFA had such a provision that “any suspension imposed by the original association on a player for up to four games or up to three months, if it has not been implemented at the time of transfer, it should continue to be implemented when the player is transferred to a new team.”

That is to say, although it was the FA that suspended Ronaldo, this time he was punished according to the rules of FIFA. The two sides can say that they cooperated with each other. They should punish Ronaldo well. They have been severely attacking the behavior of disrespecting fans. This time Ronaldo was caught in a typical way.

This is what he left behind in the Premier League. Who told you to call the fans’ mobile phones? He will always be rewarded if you do this. Now this is his reward. Maybe we didn’t expect that Ronaldo’s trip to West Asia would start in this way, but this is even worse news for the West Asian club. It was not easy to sign Ronaldo with a lot of money, and he was banned for two games without playing, which also lost a lot of money.

Cristiano Ronaldo had just taken a video for the fans, saying that he could not wait to see the fans who won in Al-Nassr FC. As a result, he was about to be suspended. This event only shows that Cristiano has not enough restrictions on himself and should not commit such gaffes, otherwise he would probably be more unlucky.

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