Was it an accident? Ronaldo was suspended for two games before he appeared at his new club. He always wanted to return to Real Madrid! original

Recently, Ronaldo has officially announced to join the Saudi giants Al-Nassr FC Team. Many fans are concerned about when Ronaldo will make his debut on behalf of Al-Nassr FC’s victory, so that they can see his style in the Saudi League. However, Ronaldo’s debut in Al-Nassr FC will be at least two more matches in the Saudi League. Because Ronaldo has not yet appeared in his new club, he will be suspended for two games. The reason why Ronaldo was suspended is simply because he slammed the cell phones of young fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo has played overtime for Manchester United in England. Due to the poor performance of the team, he is very angry. Ronaldo took it out on the little fan and broke his cell phone. This incident has aroused heated discussion among many fans and the media. Under the pressure of public opinion, Ronaldo also publicly apologized to small fans. Originally, everyone thought that with Ronaldo apologizing to the small fans, this matter could come to an end.

Unexpectedly, the FA directly punished Ronaldo for two games of suspension. Ronaldo’s suspension will not be cancelled as he joins the Saudi League, so the superstar will not be qualified to play on behalf of his new club until he plays two more games in the league, which surprised many fans. In addition, Cristiano Ronaldo had taken the initiative to train with his old club Real Madrid after the Qatar World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo takes this opportunity to make a positive impression on Real Madrid and hopes to return to the Galactic battleship. However, Real Madrid did not take Ronaldo’s initiative seriously. In the eyes of Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo has now become an unstable factor on the field. If he returns to the team, it will certainly cause disharmony within the club. No matter which club Ronaldo goes to play for, he always wants to give priority to me and enjoy absolute privileges.

It is obvious that Real Madrid refused to give the veteran Ronaldo special treatment, so they refused to join him. When Ronaldo failed to join Real Madrid, he had to retreat to seek the second place and chose to join Al-Nassr FC, the Saudi giants who gave the most money. Ronaldo’s victory in Al-Nassr FC can not only earn more than 100 million annual salaries, but also enjoy absolute privileges. I hope Cristiano Ronaldo will break out in his new club and become the world champion again.

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