What’s the difference between NBA basketball and other basketball? Have you learned

The biggest difference between the NBA ball and the ball we play everyday is that it is genuine leather

At present, there are four kinds of basketball materials: RB (rubber) ball, PU ball, leather ball and ZK (superfine fiber) ball

Generally speaking, rubber balls are designed for outdoor sports, and the last three are used for indoor sports. When Spalding first entered the mainland, based on their experience in Taiwan, they prepared a lot of outdoor rubber ball styles. As a result, they couldn’t sell them alive or alive, even with the Spalding logo. They are often asked how this Spalding is a rubber ball, fake

In daily life, we play the most PU ball, which is the standard configuration of outfield cement in China

As for the main differences between the real leather ball and the PU ball, under normal circumstances, the real leather ball has better controllability and feel (as the saying goes, it is more sticky), but it will decrease significantly in wet and dusty environments In addition, PU ball is not wear-resistant

Never played ZK ball. Gao Fushai in basketball. The retail price of Spalding’s ZK last year was 1500 RMB In contrast, the ball used in NBA matches is only 1000 RMB

PS: When talking with the business manager of Spalding, he told me that according to their estimation, only one of the ten Spalding balls in the domestic market is true

PS: There is usually a line of small words on the basketball that requires lubrication of the air needle when inflating. I have hardly seen anyone seriously do it. In fact, nine out of ten basketball air leaks are near the valve, and the main reason for the valve leakage is that there is no lubrication Bad guy who doesn’t know how painful it is to have a ball You can ask your girlfriend So in order to prolong the life of the ball, please lubricate it!

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