What enduring rumors does the NBA have? The sooner you know, the better

The sentence “I thought James was here to help me” made him face beaten by fans for 17 years!

Not long ago, I discussed with my friends nowThe Lakers

Who is the leader of? The conclusion is that LeBron James, who is 35 years old, is the dominant star in the binary.

WhetherMiami HeatDuring the Big Three period, the Big Three period of the Cavaliers or the current Lakers period, James was a big talker in the team. From entering the NBA to now, James has only been a player and younger brother in his entire careerRicky Davis

When it comes to Ricky Davis, I have to mention the famous saying of the century that has been widely spread: “I thought James was helping me”. But according to my investigation, Ricky Davis never said that! That is to say, he has been misunderstood by fans for 17 years!

Ricky Davis’s words came after he was traded to Celtic. The original words were like this: “I think LeBron James is a supplement, which can help me score better. I think we can form a connection. Different from what people think, I love this child very much. Now I amPaul Pierce

Around me, it can also give me more opportunities to shoot from an empty position. “

Then the American journalists heard the first sentence, “I think James is a supplement, which can help me score better”. After being taken out of context, it was passed on ten times to one hundred times. By the time it reached our ears, it had become “I thought James was coming to help me”. Ricky Davis could only be reduced to a joke among fans and was “forced to face” innocently.

They will be misunderstood, which is actually related to his behavior on the court.

The most famous one is undoubtedly the one that was recorded in the annals of the NBAThree double


On March 16, 2003, the Cavaliers were 120-95 ahead of the Jazz. Ricky Davis is still one rebounder away from getting his first triple double in his career. Seeing that there is no time left, this guy actually threw a ball on his own rebounds to brush the rebounds, which makes the former Utah Jazz head coach who is used to big wavesjerry sloan

He looked dazed, and in the interview after the game, he swore at the media about this shameless behavior.

Later, General Manager of KnightDavid Geriffin In an interview, when talking about Ricky Davis’s triple doubles, he said one ironic reason: team-mates didn’t want to let rebounds help him, and he was angry,Cerebral hypoxia

That’s it. He is really a man of temperament. Ha ha ha.

In fact, Ricky Davis is a good man. He donated 10000 dollars anonymously to an injured senior high school student playing football during his rookie days, and founded a foundation to provide systematic basketball training for children and supplies for people in need. He was one of the NBA players who were most enthusiastic about giving back to the society when he gave his sneakers to homeless homeless people on the street during the Cavaliers’ period (there were 5000 dollars in the shoes).

He just values data too much.

In the first round of 1998, Ricky Davis was ranked 21stwaspCheck. Then he began to wander among the teams constantly. He changed three teams in four seasons and also experienced various injuries. here we areCleveland

Finally, when you are healthy, you can also be free. Don’t you cherish such a good opportunity?

20.6 points 4.9 rebounds 5.5 timesAssist

This is the final result of Ricky Davis after a season. To be honest, it is very good. In the era when the total score was basically low, it was already the all-star data. However, the Cavaliers’ record was a mess, 17 wins and 65 losses. Fortunately, they got the No. 1 spot. So the Cavaliers have to thank him for getting James.

Incidentally, his relationship with James is not bad.

At that time, James entered the NBA as a favored son. It was like I graduated from an ordinary college and became the boss of a company. Then a young man who graduated from Harvard and was a local came to the headquarters. When he knew that he had to hand over power, Ricky Davis would hand over all his power obediently, as long as he could continue to score points.

In the rookie season, according to media reports, LeBron James is often bullied by his teammates, such as carrying bags and shoes, buying drinks and popcorn. All these accounts have been charged to Ricky Davis. But this is the unspoken rule of the NBA. A rookie enters the team, regardless of your potential, Jordan and Kobe have all come through this way.

On the field, for example, fans said Ricky Davis forced James to pass the ball and suppressed James. Come on, this is just a Show between teammates, and James played point guard in the first year (he started playing small forward in the second year). In addition, he liked to share the ball, so why not say that there were many such balls in high school?

Later, in order to win the team, the Cavaliers sent away Ricky Davis, who retired after several years in the league. After his retirement, he did not indulge in extravagance, but bought a farm, lived with his family and became a rich farmer.

The data brush on the field+the good-natured big brother in the dressing room+the good man who is eager to help others in life, this is a real Ricky Davis.

I hope you don’t spread false rumors after reading~

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