The NBA announced its new schedule for the 2019-20 season. What games are worth paying attention to? Have you learned

Early this morning, the NBA announced the full schedule of the new season. The annual opening battle is the key target of the alliance, including superstar, topic, suspense and hot spots.

Which team is the busiest this summer? Who is the man of the day this summer?

wrongClippersLeonard, so the Lakers and Clippers were arranged for the opening game.

Leonard and George fight James andBushy eyebrow, superstars in place; The Clippers have been under the pressure of the Lakers for so many years. In addition to Leonard’s incident this summer, the opposition and topic have come to light; As for hot spots? Wherever there are Lakers, there are hot spots everywhere.

According to this logic, the Clippers will soon fly to San Francisco to meet the Warriors after playing the Lakers. Although the Raptors won the championship last season, most people were more impressed with Leonard. Leonard and the Warriors met again, which was the continuation of the final last season.

When it comes to the continuation of hatred and opposition last season, we have to say the MVP battle. Last season, Dengor played a magnificent scoring frenzy, which can be said to carry the Rockets forward with his own strength. Brother Alphabet led the team to win the league’s first record.

There has never been a unified standard for MVP evaluation whether the data is superior or the performance is superior, which leads to the problem of “chicken comes first” or “egg comes first”, which easily leads to opposition.

You said that Dengo went to the other side of the ocean to sing Peking Opera and ride electric donkeys at the award ceremony. Isn’t that an expression of dissatisfaction? You said that the MVP competition was so fierce last season. When Brother Alphabet got the trophy, would he have some pride?

Then, at the beginning of the new season, the RocketsThe BucksLet’s fight to see if the Bucks can resist Harden, and see if Brother Alphabet will complement the MVP trophy more after a summer.

In addition to the opening battle, the annual highlight is the Christmas War.

There are three highlights this year, and the first one is naturally the Los Angeles derby. It can be seen that the league is determined to stir up the story of Los Angeles duo this year. After the opening battle, there will be win or lose. No matter who wins or loses, the emotions of both sides will be brought to a new height at Christmas.

The other is the fire brave battle that people like to see. Although Durant has gone, the grudge that the Rockets were eliminated by the Warriors in the playoffs in recent years is still there. In particular, the Rockets need to prove that they can surpass the Warriors even without Durant in this year’s playoffs. The Warriors need to prove that even without Durant, the Warriors are still Warriors.

The third game is the confrontation between Philadelphia and the Bucks. If you want to talk about aggressiveness, Philadelphia will not lose any team in the free market this summer. The boss Harris has a clear attitude to spend so much money. Philadelphia needs to rush out of the east at least in the new season. Last season, the gap between them and the Bucks was only Leonard’s last shot. If the East is Philadelphia and the Bucks, then no one can say what will happen.

As a result, in the arrangement of the Christmas War, the Bucks and Philadelphia will be the battle between the two geniuses, Brother Alphabet and the Great Emperor.

There is also a team running through the opening game and the Christmas game,New Orleans Pelicans 。 Exactly speaking, it is a person who runs through these important competitions – Zion Williams.

Judging from the league’s schedule, Zion is a new star that the league desperately wants to be popular. In addition, Nike has thrown so many real gold and silver on him. As long as he plays his normal strength and stays healthy, he must be one of the future faces of the league.

In addition to these, there is another thing that can reflect the team’s position in the hearts of the league and the majority of fans, that is, the number of live broadcasts in the United States.

The top ten teams in the next season’s national live broadcast are the Lakers (43 games), Warriors (42 games), Rockets (38 games), Clippers (38 games), Philadelphia (36 games), Bucks (34 games), Celtics (34 games), Trailblazers (31 games), Pelicans (30 games) and Jazz (25 games).

ESPN, TNT and other institutions and the NBA have signed the skyrocketing broadcasting rights of 24 billion dollars for nine years. That is certainly not because they want to make money.

The number of times they choose to broadcast is generally judged by these conditions: star (with star, there is a topic), achievements, city weight and fan base.

Then, what do pelicans account for in these conditions? They have no advantage except for Zion, but they will be ranked eighth in the league in the number of live broadcasts in the United States next season. Higher than the favored Jazz and the second best player in the West last seasonNuggetsEven better than the one with Durant and Owenbasket netMore.

There are two main reasons why the Nets are not so concerned:

First, Durant does not know when he will return next season, and his state after his return will also be a big question mark. It’s hard to say where Owen can lead the team alone;

Second, the small ball market suffered losses this summer. The league has been trying to narrow the gap between various markets, so it must increase the exposure of small markets.

As a result, the number of live broadcasts in Brooklyn’s Nets, New York and Chicago, which are traditional big markets, has been cut, while those in Milwaukee, New Orleans, Salt Lake City andDenverThe exposure in these places is increasing.

Thunder is a kind of miserable team. The departure of Master Wei and George completely lost the attention of the team. The number of live broadcasts in the United States next season will decrease sharply. I don’t knowPrestiWill Thunder lie down directly next season.

In any case, the Alliance has created enough gimmicks and suspense. All we can do is to prepare a bench to eat melons, and perhaps become a member.

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