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The annual main schedule of the NBA can be divided into pre-season, regular season and playoffs. In addition, there are all star competitions, international competitions and other competition systems.

The pre-season game, which usually starts in early October and lasts for about two weeks, is a warm-up game, not counting the achievements. The main purpose is to let the players who have rested for several months find the feeling of the game, and let the new players of the team adapt to the rhythm and understand the tactics.

The regular season, which is the major part of the nba competition, generally starts at the end of october every year and lasts until the beginning or middle of april the next year. Each of the 15 teams in the east and the west should play 82 games each season according to the league’s game table (except for special circumstances such as the league lockout that cause the season to shrink). At the end of the season, the top eight players in the east and west will continue to fight in the playoffs according to their record.

In the All Star Game, in February of each year, the league will spare a few days to not arrange regular season games. We call it the All Star Weekend. In these days, the All Star Game will be held, in which the fans, reporters and others will vote to select the best players from the east and the west to form an All Star team (ps: this year, the reform is to select the captain, and then the captain will select the players from all the All Star players from the east and the west to form their own teams). The all-star game is played by these two star studded teams. In addition, the All Star also has shooting skill competition, three-point competition, slam dunk competition and rookie challenge competition.

In the playoffs, the top eight players from the east and west of the regular season enter the playoffs. The playoffs are four wins in seven games. Specifically, first place to eighth place, second place to seventh place and so on in the first round. In the second round, the 18 winners were against the 45 winners, and the 27 winners were against the 36 winners. The third round is also called the division final. The winners of the second round fight each other and become division champions. The finals will be played by the Eastern and Western regional champions. The winner will win the O’Brien Cup and become the championship of the year. In addition, teams with better performance in the regular season will have home advantage. The home court distribution of the seven games is 2 (teams with good performance) – 2 (teams with poor performance) – 1 (teams with good performance) – 1 (teams with poor performance) – 1 (teams with good performance)

International competitions, which are usually held outside the United States at the end of the season, are mainly commercial exchanges. Such as the China Tournament in the past two years. Two nba teams or one nba team against an international team.

In addition, if there is a strong team in the NBA now, the Warrior of the Western Space Team, the Big Four Cooley Thompson Green Durant, the strongest champion in the paper strength league last year; A rocket with a combination of light bulbs; The new show Jazz; The old strong Spurs; In the east, Zhan Huang, the first member of the Nine Year Compulsory Education Alliance, was the knight; The king of the first northern territory in the east, Menglong; Celtic who has the most championships in the team history (Stevens is so handsome hhh); Seven or six talented people. These teams are relatively strong in recent years.

I hope my answers are useful. If there are some omissions, thank you for pointing them out.

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