Where is Luo going? (Has the ending been decided?) Dry goods sharing

Sina Sports News, from the football market reporter Sandy Ona, said that Ronaldo had arrived in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, on Wednesday.

It is reported that Ronaldo will meet with the senior management of Al-Nassr FC Club to discuss the possibility of joining.

Previously, Ronaldo denied that he would join Al-Nassr FC, and the chairman of Al-Nassr FC also said that he did not know Ronaldo, but the situation may not be as they said.

According to several foreign media reports, Ronaldo is almost certain to join Al-Nassr FC Victory, and this transfer will be announced by the official. The two sides signed a contract for two and a half years. Ronaldo can earn about 200 million Euros a year. In addition, Ronaldo may also get an ambassador contract until 2030, which is also to help Saudi Arabia bid for the 2030 World Cup.

According to the Spanish newspaper AS, Ronaldo has decided to join Al-Nassr FC and the two sides will sign a contract until 2025. Al-Nassr FC met with representatives of Ronaldo and reached an agreement, but the salary will not reach 200 million euros per season. Al-Nassr FC believes Ronaldo will join before Christmas.

Marca said that Al-Nassr FC is the only club that has recently offered an offer to Ronaldo, and the two sides have communicated for about a month. If Ronaldo decides to join the Saudi League, the agreement will be officially announced in the next few hours. Ronaldo will keep in touch with Al-Nassr FC Victory and Saudi Arabia until 2030, of which two and a half years are player contracts. In other times, Ronaldo will help Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Greece jointly bid for the 2030 World Cup as ambassadors.

According to previous information, Ronaldo’s salary will reach 200 million Euros per season. The Marca newspaper said that this figure would be the salary Ronaldo received as a player. This number will increase when you become an ambassador to bid for the World Cup.

Jos é Ang é lico, a journalist of the Portuguese Media Record, also said that Ronaldo had made a decision to accept the offer of the Saudi Club Al-Nassr FC. He could guarantee an annual income of about 200 million euros until June 2025, when the deal was only announced by officials.

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