The deal between the Lakers and the Knicks may become the headline news that explodes the NBA!

However, it has recently been reported that the Lakers are expected to make a big move during the trading period. They have had in-depth exchanges with the Knicks. In an interview with an NBA basketball president, he said: “Trade between January and February There will be more, the Lakers desperately need a shooter now, they need a star player to join them, change their current team structure, so they have to make adjustments, and even mortgage the future, but they need to see Whether to maximize the benefits in the process of this exchange, but if Davis can’t be good or the state is not as good as before, then everything can’t be done.”

Now the core player around the Knicks is Quikley. He was selected in 2020 and is regarded as a combo guard by the team. Even if the head coach doesn’t like this type of player, he still likes Quikley. Focus on cultivating this young man, so both the veteran and the core of the past may be sent away.

Originally, it was difficult for the Lakers to find a seller in the market, because their draft picks, including Westbrook, were used to exchange for stars, and they would not sell them unless they had to. During the trading period of this season, it is difficult to see that any team will sell them. The core of their own team. But the Knicks are different. They have already thought about reorganizing the team when their record is still ideal. This is worth the Lakers’ in-depth negotiations with them.

Lakers, Knicks to make one-for-two trade

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