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Aliens come in the desert

Aliens come in the desert Aliens come in the desert We sincerely appreciate and respect you as a reader of our site. You are welcome to read more content on this website, and it...


At the age of 82, Pele, the “king of football”, got worse. His family and the Brazilian government have started to prepare for the funeral! Last week, I watched the World Cup final and congratulated Messi on winning the championship. Don’t tell anyone

According to the Beijing Youth Daily, on December 24, Beijing time, foreign media reported that,Pele, the 82 year old “king of football”, has suffered a sharp deterioration recently。 Up to now, he has been...


Messi’s return date is uncertain

This article is transferred from: Yangzi Evening News    Argentina player Lionel Messi waved to the fans during the parade Xinhua News Agency According to L’Equipe, Messi will discuss with Paris the date of...